Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week Ending 11-18-2012

                Since Rachel mailed a letter to Missy Franklin - Grant decided he needed write to Devyn Marble.  Here is Grant putting it in the mailbox.
            TEAM TIME with TEAM 1 - OH YES - I am the good lookin' one with the cool owl apron.
            The Lunch Lady with all of the Team 1 kiddos that live right by me. 
                   My Girl Scouts spent some time at Emerson Point with the old farts.
                  Rachel with her first attempt at cracking open some crab legs.  More to crack than eat.
                          OH YEAH - Rachel's name on the big screen for her first swim.
                                   Rachel's fan club cheering her on - OH and also Danaman but she was taking the photo so didn't get in.  Sorry Dana.
                                    Go Rachel Go.........
 After swimming on Saturday meant time to play with Mom and Danaman.
                            Never drive angry ladies.
 What you look like when you go swim on a Sunday morning.  Bathrobe - check.  Swimcap - check.  Sunday ads from the newspaper - Check.  Time to go .......
          Rachel ready to do her last swim of the weekend - her favorite - the back stroke like Missy Franklin.  She did really good this weekend.  Way to go Rach!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week Ending 11-11-2012

              Kitchen island all decorated for Election 2012.
                Our red, white and blue supper for Election night.
                             Grant and Rachel coloring in their map regarding who is winning which state.
                          Now time to watch TV and have a red, white and blue popcorn ball.  Oh yes - I went all out for this big day.
          Hairnets 101 meeting Barb, Shirley and I made up our own recipe for success. 
              Grandma Recker got to hang out with Grant and Rachel while I was at training.
                                     Rachel and I did some shopping with Grandma on Saturday morning.
          Had to take the motor scooter out for one more good ride before winter sets in. 
     Who knew we could have supper out on our porch on Nov. 10th.
 Rachel wrote Missy Franklin a letter to see if she will meet her in CO while we are there visiting Uncle Tim for Christmas.  She did a great job and the letter will be in the mail this week.
 Rained all day but I thought I would make a nice Happy Sun Bread for supper to brighten the mood.
               Time for supper with Mr. Happy Sun Bread in the center of the table.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week Ending 11-4-2012 Halloween Week

               Here are some of the crazy people I work with on a daily basis - Barb, Mem and Shirley.
           YES - I had to get my picture taken with my favorite guys at Fareway.  They thought I looked great on Halloween.
                                     Grant and I in his classroom getting ready for his class party.
                                                      Grant's class photo.
                                           Rachel's class photo.
                            Abbie with her friends getting ready to go to a Halloween party.
          My nerd Rachel and Wreck it Ralph Grant were ready to go trick or treating in the neighborhood.
                     I got to see my cousin Sherry and her husband Dean's new barn they are building.  It is AMAZING and I can't wait to see it up and running soon Dean. 
                          Stoppedy by to see Fugly and give her some Penny's cake pops. 

                  My dad with his brothers - submitting this photo since my Uncle Wayne passed away last week.  This is all of the Recker Boys having some wine and wearing their Dad's ties when he passed away. 
                            Dad, Jill and I having a coffee toast to Wayne.
             Even Vernie can make a walking cast look good when he wears a suit.  Way to go Dad.
                      It was Girl Scout meeting this week. 
     Rachel did had her first time being alter server in church this morning.  She did a great job. 
                     Grant and I went to the Iowa Hawkeye Men's bball game this afternoon.
We ended the weekend with a PJ party and board games before we went to bed. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week ending 10-28-2012

                         Our schedule for the week.  Never a dull minute.
             Greatest day for Grant.  Grandpa brought over the Iowa Basketball tickets.
                                  Time to make Halloween cookies.
                               Random day at school for Grant and Rachel.
                    Rachel got to enjoy some trunk or treating with her friend Keira.
            3 very excited girls ready to head to St. Louis to see Justin Bieber.
                            Grant help me fill out my early voting ballot at ICPL.

            We found Mario and Luigi at the Dead Animal Museum for some Halloween fun.
                         Rachel as a nerd and Grant as Wreck it Ralph.
                            All of the girls at the party - Stephanie, Rachel and Kaitlin.
                  All of the boys at the party - Nick, TJ, Jace and Grant.
                         The whole Halloween gang for a party photo.
 NEVER a party without Dana showing up - YES - we had a little bit too much to drink.
                            Kayla, Abby and Abbie ready for the concert. 
                        The stage at the conert for Justin Bieber.
                          Rachel helping Grandma with Sunday lunch today.
                    We made it to Bloomsbury Farms today with Rachel and Grant.
                                Time to carve those Halloween pumpkins.
                  Here are some of the finished ones - a bat - an owl and a Hawkeye.